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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Leicester ATM/MA presentation

many thanks to all those who attended

thanks to Rob and the other organisers: the ATM/MA East Midlands local branch

the powerpoints for each of the three sessions need to be downloaded for the animations to work

session 1:
  • a number task
  • pythagoras put in context(s) with some practice tasks
  • Babylonian tablets
  • factorising quadratic families
  • coordinate questions from KS2 SAT papers
  • Van Hiele's interesting view that geometry is best done with a square grid
  • coordinate and perpendicular bisector questions from CBSE (10) India past papers
  • linking area and straight line graph equations (thanks to Simon Mazumder)
  • linking squares drawn underneath straight line graphs to summing geometric series
  • 3D geometry
  • Euler's relationship
  • total angle sum (TAS)
  • total angle deficiency (TAD)
  • truncating polyhedra

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