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Thursday, 21 May 2015

fifteen pens

expressions arithmagons

more expressions arithmagons than anyone could possibly need...

hollow cube

thanks to Dave Hewitt

some ways of counting, after some thought and discussion

magnet spheres (best not swallowed)
not suitable for young children
some products banned in the US

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


these tasks draw upon the fine work of the South Nottinghamshire Project, 'Journey into Maths' resources produced in association with the Shell Centre (and published around 1978)

the intention of these tasks was identified (then) as encouraging students to see some purpose in setting up and solving a linear equation (or relationship)

grid moves

the purpose of these tasks is to involve students in simplifying expressions
although the letters are not used as variables, it is also a simple introduction to vectors
and an application of 'pythagoras' to find (direct, crow flies) journey lengths

can be used to ask about journeys, e.g. from R to D
from D to R etc.

consider why the journey stages sum to 0

could involve 'pythagoras' in working out the lengths

thanks to onlinedungeonmaster for this graphic

questions (9) and (10) contribute to an understanding of solving simultaneous equations